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Pantry Essentials Part IV – V

How to elevate your meals with basic pantry items you
probably already have in the cupboard.

by Chef Corso

Welcome to Part IV of our pantry series deep dive. 

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Let’s get to it!


Polenta, grits, masa, semolina… what do these things all have in common?  Well, basically everything.  They’re all CORN – just in a different form.  Many food cultures use this as a staple for belly-filling meals so bring that culture to the trail.  Make sure to get the quick cook options and they will be ready in your bowl in 5-10 min.

Recipe Ideas:

Bacon Cheddar Grits

Tuscan Polenta

Tamale Bowl


Maybe you’ve been wondering what to do with that tooth paste-looking tube that sits in the tomato sauce aisle of your grocery store?  Yea, tomato paste comes in tubes which is actually super helpful for the trail; no can opener required.  It’s an easy addition to many classic backcountry staples or you can actually use it to make REAL marinara sauce for your pasta dishes.  Give it a squeeze and give it a whirl!

Recipe Ideas:

5 min marinara


Burst Tomato Soup w/ Double Cheese Croutons

PANTRY ESSENTIALS – PART V – Ramen Noodles & Pre-Cooked Grains



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