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Pantry Essentials – Part II of V

How to elevate your meals with basic pantry items you probably already have in the cupboard.

by Chef Corso

Welcome to Part II of our pantry series deep dive. If you missed Part I – Instant Rice and Dehydrated Beans, check it out.  Let’s get to it!


There’s a reason pasta is king.  It’s filling, delicious and always reliable.  It’s also very easy to bring along with most packages weighing in at a pound or less and taking up very little volume in your pack. But as with anything, pasta can get a little tired if you’re just doing red sauce and spaghetti.  So try mixing things up with different shapes and flavors. What kind of shapes and flavors can we cook up that aren’t just the standard fare? Well, how about… 

Recipe ideas:

Lasagna with  “meat” sauce

Not boxed mac and cheese

Beef stroganoff


You know all about Ramen.  It’s that time-honored, salty, tasty noodle pack from your youth.  But for your next trip, leave the Ramen in the dorm room and try some Thai Rice noodles.  Like Ramen, they’re compact but filling, extremely friendly on the wallet and most are naturally gluten free.  And they’re also just really tasty. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a lime!

Recipe ideas:

Tom Yum Noodle Bowl

Pad Thai

Swimming Rama

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