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Pantry Essentials – Part III of V

How to elevate your meals with basic pantry items you probably already have in the cupboard.

by Chef Corso

Welcome to Part III of our pantry series deep dive. 

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Let’s get to it!


You’re in one of two camps: 

1.  You hate powdered eggs


2. You’ve never heard of powdered eggs

Powdered eggs are an extremely handy way to start your day or as an addition to soups and stews for added protein.  They hydrate in 5 min and produce pretty darn solid scrambled eggs. My suggestion is to add SOMETHING to them or they do taste a little like the package.  Veggies and hot sauce packets go a long way.

Recipe Ideas:

Dirtbag Eggs Benedict

Veggie Scramble

Hot & Sour soup



Did you know that you can take fresh vegetables on the trail?  

Throw a red pepper in your pack.  Or utilize the pre-cut veggies in the produce section like broccoli, baby carrots, spiralized zucchini, baby tomatoes, snap peas, baby bock choy or a bunch of kale.  All of these options can last for multiple days in your pack. Trust me, they really can. You’d be amazed what a fresh crunch will do for your meal. Oh and don’t forget to pack a lemon or a lime for that last layer of freshness to add to your meal.

Recipe Ideas

Medeterranean Tuna

Chicken Chili Verde with Cilantro Rice

MONTy Minestrone Soup


Stay tuned for:  PANTRY ESSENTIALS – PART IV – Grits/Polenta & Tomato Paste



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