Outdoor Eats TV Premiere Events – 2023

Outdoor Eats TV is here! The first episodes are launching nationwide July, 2023.

Check out more details about channels and air dates here.

In celebration of the show’s debut, we are hosting a handful of events to view the first episodes together, and ya know…have a party!

The event will be a combination of a cooking workshop, episode viewing and cookbook signing.  

Berkeley, CA – Aug 3rd – REI
Port Angeles, WA – Aug 11th – Camaraderie Cellars
Seattle, WA – Aug 17th – REI Flagship
Denver, Colorado – Aug 30th – REI Flagship
Charlotte, NC – Oct TBD
Raleigh/Durham, NC – Oct TBD
Asheville, NC – Oct TBD

Click below for more details and to get your tickets.

August 3rd – REI – 7-830pm
August 11th – Camaraderie Cellars – 7-830pm
August 17th – REI Flagship- 7-830pm
August 30th – REI Flagship- 7-830pm

Stay tuned for more dates and details through the Fall.


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