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Seward Park / Leschi – Seattle

By Chef Corso

Seward Park is one of the classic parks of Seattle.  But often forgotten by many in the central and north parts of town. Established in 1911 it consists of a 2.6 mile paved flat loop-path with Lake Washington views.  This path surrounds a wooded hill with snaking well maintained, short hiking trails.

My friend and recipe tester Lizlife joined me on a party cloudy day to explore the South part of Seattle.

Distance: 5ish miles

Time: 2.5 hours

Elevation: a few feet up, a few feet down.  pretty flat

We parked in the Mt. Baker neighborhood to add a little extra distance to the hike and walked along Lake Washington Blvd which has a flat, paved and defined path that goes from Seward up to Leschi north.  Plenty of grassy areas and benches.

Seward Park presents itself as you walk south and you can chose your adventure.

Well maintained path and great trees.

Wide loop around the park with views of Lake Washington.

The surprise of the hike was a large open air amphitheater right in the middle of the park.

It was around lunch time, so we found our lunch spot on some rocks and tested out a new recipe – Meat Salad: Cobb.

Pretty amazing lunch that came together in about 5 min.

Even on day-hikes, I try to plan out something tasty.

A blue heron and turtle buddies joined us on the walk back to the car.

Give Seward Park or Lake Washington Blvd a whirl for your next urban outdoor adventure.  And take something tasty along with you.

Get out there!



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