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Top 4 cheap backpacking meals

How to save $$$ backpacking

By Chef Corso

The Problem

Backpacking food gets really expensive.  Seems like you can spend over $100 on packaged meals every trip.  And they really aren’t that satisfying.  You end up empty in the wallet and longing for your first REAL meal once you’re done with your trek.

The Solution

Create your own meal plan, using cheap pantry ingredients and cook up your own amazing, filling meals for a fraction of the cost.

When I create any meal plan for a trip, I always start in the pantry.  Not the packaged meal aisle at the outdoor store.  My go-to pantry ingredients are grits/polenta, instant rice, ramen noodles, pasta (thin or small shape for fastest cooking) rice noodles, instant mashed potatoes, instant stuffing mix, breads/tortillas/bagels

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