4 Recipes to Elevate Your Day-Hike

Elevate your day hike

4 recipes to elevate the experience

By Chef Corso

It’s April, which means Spring is popping’ and it’s time to dust off those hiking boots (where are they again?) and get outside for some much needed fresh air.  I love Spring hikes because the air is fresh, the light lasts a little bit longer and the trees and flowers are just waking up from their slumber.  

I know the standard day-hike food is pretty classic.  A deli sandwich, a PB&J or a couple of bars and a sack of trail mix.  But day-hikes are a great opportunity to whip up a quick no cook/no burner lunch that will wow your trail buddies and elevate your experience.  

Check out these 4 options to add some variety this season:


An absolute classic, but jazz it up with some high quality meats, local cheeses, dried fruits and condiment packets.  Not much of a recipe here but I trust you will come up with a great combo.

Grain Bowls

Go for a walk down the grain aisle of most grocery stores these days and you’ll find many pre-cooked packaged grain mixes.  They are a great base for filling lunches or quick dinners.  You can season and garnish them as you like.  Pizza, BLTA, Green Goddess, Greek, Asian are all tasty options.  Make it your own!

Take along an old coffee container or ziplock to mix.

You can either prep at home, at the trailhead or at the summit!

Salads- Meat/Tuna/Kale & Panzanella

You can take a salad hiking?  Ya sure can.  We have a few meat salad recipes for those hungry bears out there as well as some kale, spinach, tuna or bread based bowls that are sure to refuel in a healthy way.  Eating keto or plant based?  These are great options for you.

Trailgate Snacks

We all love snacks.  And I can’t think of a better way to cheers your trip than packing your camp stove, and a quick Tailgate recipe in your rig.  As you plop your pack down, pull out your stove and cook up an amazing snack for everyone.  You might even make some new friends at the trailhead!

Get out there

Eat well

Share the tasty experience


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