5 small backpacking food

Good things come in Small Packages

by Chef Corso

When you’re packing your life in a bag or even your car, every bit of space counts. Luckily, we live in a time when it’s easy to find ingredients that come in small packages but bring high impact.

Here are the Top 5 Small Ingredients For Camping

1.    Mini cheese packs

Convenient, high in protein, tasty on their own but also a great addition to many of our recipes including

2.    Condiment packets

You know those ones you have piled in your junk drawer… ketchup, mustard, hot sauce – use those!  Or if you don’t have them… don’t be afraid to hop into a nearby fast food joint or grocery store to grab some soy sauce or maybe a favorite hot sauce of yours.  However you get them, there are a lot of options and they can be a great add to your camp meal.

3.    Mandarins/Tangerines

Refreshing, satisfying, it’s a quick burst of natural sugar that can really hit the spot on the trail and it’s so packable.  And bonus: You can throw the peel in your water for a zest of citrus flavor.

4.    Nuun tabs

Speaking of great add-ons to water, Nuun Tabs are the smallest, easiest way to add vitamins and minerals to your water.  Also, the package can double as a spice container when you’ve used them all.

5.    Tomato paste tube

It’s like tooth paste but savory and delicious. These tubes are great to have in the house but for packing, they’re even better!  They’re easy to pack and make a tremendous addition to soups, stews or for quick marinara sauce to pour over your pasta.


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