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160 trail-tested recipes formatted for YOUR SMARTPHONE!

No pre-prep!

No dehydrating!

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All recipes are:

-10 ingredients or less

-ready in 30 min or less

-mindful of easy packing and low weight

-use fresh, real ingredients


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Cedar Edition:

Breakfast Ramen Bomb
Cranberry Orange Granola
Bacon & Bean Brekkie Trail Tacos
PB & J Grits/Cornbread Bowl

Trail Sushi – Spicy Tuna
“Tuna Melt” w/ crackers
Smoked Salmon Salad w/ Crackers
Warm Sun Dried Tomato Pasta Salad

Fresh Ultralight Chili Mac
Samosa Bowl
Steakhouse Bowl
Chicken “Pot Pie” Stew
1 Pot Pasta w/ Marinara Sauce
Fresh Ultralight Tom Kha Noodle Bowl
Dry Tomato Soup Mix

Strawberry “Shortcake”
Mango Sticky Rice
Bourbon Fig Compote
Pear Ginger Snap Crisp

Cascade Edition:

-4 Breakfast

Chorizo Breakfast Hash

Bacon Cheddar Griddle Cakes

Power Chia Bomb – Pumpkin Spice

Ham & Cheese Quiche Bowl

-4 Lunch

Broccoli Crunch Salad w/ Crackers

Blueberry & Smoked Salmon Couscous

Warm Mandarin Chicken Wrap

Chicken Red Pepper Grain Bowl w/ Pesto

-4 Tacos & Sliders

Chickpea & Kale Trail Tacos

Sloppy Corsos

Yaki Ramen Trail Tacos

Trail Sushi – Tropical Adventure

-4 Dinner

Trail Cioppino

Bravas Bomb Mashed Potatoes

Japanese Curry & Rice – Veggies

Burst Tomato Soup & Double Grilled Cheese Croutons


Beef Stew

General Tso’s Chicken w/ Rice

Jerky Chili

Chicken Noodle Soup w/ Rosemary


Delta Edition:

-Snacks & Dips

Bacon & Brie Dip

Pizza Dip – Meaty

Cheeseburger Dip

Chicken Buffalo Dip

Honey Cashew Kettle Corn

Tokyo Spiced Nuts

Corso Trail Mix

Cherries Jubilee

Dumpling Wraps

Mint Mallow Rice Crispy Treat Bowl

-Cold Drinks

Red Sangria

Campy Mule

Happy Pelican

Dirtbag Bloody Mary

Dirtbag Mimosa

-Hot Drinks

Trail Toddy

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Citrus Tea(Russian Tea)

Coconut Chai



Exclusively for Terra edition:


Morningstar Breakfast Muffins

Avocado, Tomato, Spinach Breakfast Sandwiches

Soyrizo Brekkie Burritos

AAAlmond, Apricot Oatmeal


Southwest Quinoa Bowl

Kashmir Cous Cous

Peanut Salad

Veggie Chop Suey

Warm Asian Pasta Salad

Veggie Poke Bowl


White Bean & Kale Soup

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

Lasagna w/ “Meat” Sauce

Tamale Bowl


Blueberry Banana Crisp

Pineapple Upside-Down Bowl


Chili Lime Spiced Popcorn

Boca Spiced Nuts


Exclusively for Riverbend edition:


-English Brekkie Bowl

-Biscuits & Gravy

-Island Brekkie Fried Rice

-Power Chia Bomb-Carrot Cake


-Spanish Grain Bowl

-Nashville Salad

-Triscuit Panzanella

-Mediterranean Wrap


-Smoked Salmon Chowder

-Frito Pie

-Broccoli Cheddar Soup

-Chicken Bacon Ranch Bowl

4-Classics^Elevated – Dinner

-Jamaican Jerk Chicken w/ Coconut Mango Rice & Beans

-Shepard’s Pie Bowl

-Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

-Pad Thai


-Pumpkin Pecan “Pie”

-Tipsy Fruit & Shortbread

-Raspberry Dark Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat Bowl

-Trail Tiramisu


Exclusively for Wander edition:


Smoked Salmon Breakfast Sandwiches

Ham/Bacon, Egg & Cheese Grits

Power Chia Bomb

Morning Glory Bowl

4-No-Cook Lunch

Pizza Grain Bowl


Kale Caesar salad

Meat Salad-Mandarin


Carbonara Pasta

Canada Bomb

Mango Fried Rice

Cuban Black Bean Soup


Potato Chip Bowl

Corn Nut Pork Rind Pozole

Dorito Enchilada Bowl

Cheez-It Cheesy Grits


Fig & Pear Crisp

Apple Cranberry Cashew Crunch

Caramelized Fruit w/ Nilla Wafer Bowl

Caramel Apple Kettle Corn