A plan for planning

 a plan for planning. planning tips, packing tips. Chef Corso


It’s easy to appreciate the outdoors and most of us love to get out there and post up in front of a campfire for the night.  But sometimes, there are small barriers that can become big enough to make us just go… “Eh… Maybe another night of Netflix and Chill would be nice.”

It’s things like, “Where are we going?”  “What should I pack?” “What should we eat and… where the hell are my boots anyway?”   I get it. Sometimes planning and organizing a trip can be daunting but Outdoor Eats is here to help guide you through the steps and hopefully, keep you from falling back onto the couch for another episode of ‘Blue Planet’.

Here are some easy steps to help take the weight off your back and ease your path to enjoying the outdoors:

1.   Where to go?

Big question.  Thankfully, there are lots of resources out there to help you find the best spot for your next trip.  Check out outdoorproject.com or alltrails.com for useful information and photos of trails and destinations.

Or go old school and check out one of your local state parks.  Most parks are very well-run and hey, those park rangers could use somebody to talk to.

Did you know?  (Thanks to Teddy), there are 58 national parks in the United States.  These amazing locations have been designated and preserved for a reason so go check them out!  Google them up and check to see if they can be reserved ahead of time or if it is first-come, first-serve.  Just make sure to bring a map so you know where you’re going and stay close to the trail.

2.    What to eat?

You know the standard food grabs:  Instant oatmeal, Luna/Clif bars, trail mix and jerky.  Those are time-honored choices for hiking and they work but they can also get a little tired. There’s also freeze-dried meals which are light weight.  You just buy it, pack it, boil water and eat but those can also be expensive and very high in salt.

If you want to elevate your meals and cook with fresh ingredients and better flavor, check out the Outdoor Eats community of recipe packs and shop for great options  Here, you’ll find delicious recipes that have been trail-tested for weight, flavor, and ease of packing/cooking in mind.

Last thing:  Bring plenty of water for drinking and cooking.  You won’t get far without it.

3.   What to pack?

We know you love your oversized hoodie and comfy sweats but try to leave those at home… trust us, they’ll be waiting for you when you get back from your adventure.

For this trip, pack as minimally as possible.  You might be surprised how many times you can re-wear an article of clothing.  Sure, for the sake of your fellow campers, we’re not suggesting you wear your undies 5 days in a row but when you’re outside, don’t feel that you need a fresh pair for every day.

Something else which will help you to pack light is to research the weather ahead of time.  It’s always a good idea to bring layers for warmth and something to keep the sun off your face.  Also, if you do over-pack on anything… pack plenty of socks.  Dry socks are crucial!   Oh, and one other item you can pack as much of as you want…  a fresh set of comfy clothes in your car for when you’re done.  Oh man, what a feeling!

So get out there… Eat well… and Share the tasty experience.