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Corso Solo I – Olympic National Park, WA

by Chef Corso

Follow along as I plan for my first solo hike. 

Heading into the Olympic National Park, WA for 4 days, 3 nights.

The Olympic National Park is my home park.  But oddly enough, I have only explored a few pockets.  When I was growing up, we didn’t camp that much. We did a few day hikes, a few car camping situations.  But never backcountry. As the years passed, I ventured farther out with more miles and more days in the bushes.  I’m excited about getting into the belly of the park, covering some miles and seeing some new areas. The park is one of the most diverse parks in the country consisting of high alpine traverses around picturesque glacial lakes, old growth temperate rainforests dripping with moss like you’ve never seen before and beach camping along the Pacific Ocean.  You can literally be in a different climate and view every day on the same trip. I also think it’s somewhat forgotten in the very NW part of the country.  

I’ve never done a solo hike.  I’m excited, curious, not really worried, but taking a solo trip is a different experience.  Usually you go on a trip with your friends or family to be WITH THEM. That’s the whole idea.  With this trip, I’m choosing to head out by myself and be with my thoughts with nature as my guide.  I’ll post videos and blogs for each day to document the process for what I’m eating, where I am and how I’m feeling.  

Where am I goin?

  • Olympic National Park, WA
  • Lake Quinault → Elwha River/Madison Falls

Do I need permit/reservations?

  • Yes.  Reserved 1 month prior to trip
  • 3 nights, 4 days
  • DAY 1 – North Fork Trailhead – Low Divide – 15.8 miles
  • DAY 2 – Low Divide – Hayes River -11.8 miles
  • DAY 3 – Hayes River – Lilian Camp – 12.9 miles
  • DAY 4  -Lillian Camp -Elwah/Olympic Hot Springs – 11.1 miles DONE

When am I goin?

  • July 28-Aug 1

Who’s goin?

  • Chef Corso Solo


  • pump needed. Primary and backup


Food- Corso eats just about everything

For this solo trip, I’m really focusing on a few tasty, light base ingredients that I can use multiple times. Ramen

Noodles. Cous Cous. Polenta. Dried Black Beans. Powdered Eggs.

I will be packing ZERO packaged meals and cooking at every meal.

I also want to mix up my flavors by day so I don’t get bored.

You might be looking at some of these ingredients and saying “you can’t take bok choy, you can’t take a tomato.” I’m here to tell you you can as they last for multiple days and the fresh ingredients taste amazing after a long day.


On the Menu


  • Tropical Overnight Oats
  • Yanger, Cheddar Toast
  • Soy Sesame Shiitake Noodles w Tofu & boc choy


  • Portugese Sausage and Eggs
  • Greek Couscous Cheddar Bacon
  • Polenta w Eggs
  • Candied Nuts


  • Brekkie Tacos w Black beans, Avo
  • Spicy Coconut Tofu Ramen Noodles
  • Sundried Tomato, Soppressata Polenta


  • Overnight Oats
  • Snacks
  • OUT


Im ready!

Stay tuned for day-by-day posts and videos!


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