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Classic Backpacking recipes…elevated with Outdoor Eats

by Chef Corso

We all have our favorites.

Stroganoff…Chili Mac….Pad Thai.

But none of them really satisfy the way a fresh, real meal does.

The Challenge:

Can Chef Corso and the Outdoor Eats community come up with and trail-test Elevated versions of the Classics.

The clear answer is YES! And they are fast, easy and delicious.

classic camping food stroganoff
recipe for classic camping food - stroganoff
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All Classic Recipes

We also wanted to know…So how much do these recipes cost in comparison?

The results are clear.

Outdoor Eats recipes are cheaper or a least extremely close to packaged meals in price and overall time needed to prepare.

Outdoor Eats recipes also are 2-4 servings rather than 1 or barely 2.

So fresh meals go farther.

You Decide.



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