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Let’s talk about eggs

By Chef Corso – Founder and chef @ Outdoor Eats

Oh, the huevo.  So tasty. So versatile.  And so much a part of our daily diet.  But what is the best way to keep eggs on the menu when you’re packing them on your back?

There are a few strategies you can take and each option has its upsides and downsides.

1.    Fresh eggs & Hard boiled eggs

Upside: Not only do they taste the best but they give you the most options in terms of form in that you can scramble them, poach ‘em, ‘fry em but you can also hard boil which makes for a nice to-go bite when you’re back out on the trail. Hard boiled are now available pre-packaged at most grocery stores and gas stations.

Downside: You don’t need a chef to tell you that they’re fragile and could be messy if they break in your pack.  They also have a short shelf life (2-3 days).

2. Liquid eggs

You know the ones you see in the milk cartons.  You can find these in just about any store these days.

Upside: Super convenient.  No messing with egg shells.  Kept sealed, they can last for a few days and they make very solid scrambled eggs or add-ons to soups or Asian stir fry’s.

Downside: The regular-sized carton which has 10 servings weighs 1 pound and those servings can quickly translate to excessive weight in your pack.  Also, the carton leaves you with garbage you’ll need to pack out. And the liquid eggs lack flexibility in that you can only really make scrambles.  You might say… liquid eggs have upside – but no Sunnyside.

3.    Powdered eggs

Upside:  This definitely solves your weight problem.  Powdered eggs weigh almost nothing. Shelf life is basically forever and you don’t have to worry about spoilage.

Downside: They’re powdered eggs.  They lack the creamy delight of fresh eggs and you can only cook scrambles.  They can also sometimes be difficult to find in grocery stores.

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