backpacking snacks

The MOST UNDERRATED camping snack… and it’s not what you think.

by Chef Corso

Trail mix, almonds, protein bars… various salty, crunchy things that come in an air-filled bag… We’ve all had ‘em and chances are, you’re planning to bring some on your next camping trip.

But snap to it, folks because I have a better option for you…

You’ve probably seen these before and ignored them because well… how good can a brown sesame crisp be?  Well, the answer is actually really good!

These little fellas pack a great punch of sweet, salty and nutty flavor and they only cost a few cents.  Sesame seeds are also a great source of protein to keep your energy level up. And it helps that they come in single-serve packages so you can easily satisfy that hunger and crunchy-craving when you’re halfway through your trip.

Sesame snaps can be enjoyed almost anywhere.  My favorite ways. quick bite during a water break OR with a cup of warm saké while watching the sun set over a ridge.  What a delight!

So, save the Doritos for the couch.  Leave the Snickers for Halloween.

And grab yourself some Sesame Snaps.

Find your vista.  

Fill your belly.



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