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Don’t forget these 5 things

By: Chef Corso

Planning your next overnight trek?  Great! Many items, you already know to pack (tent, sleeping bag, pad) but before you head out, if you truly want to elevate your experience, make sure you also bring these 5 things:

1. Water/Water Pump

You’re not going to get far if you don’t have water.  So first, do some quick research – some trails have opportunities to pump water along the way but for that, you’ll need to bring your water pump.  If pumping isn’t an option, make sure you pack plenty of water for drinking AND cooking. Also, bonus tip: Stock your car with lots of fluids for when you return.  Trust us – your future (thirsty) self will thank you.

2. Good Food

Sure, you can just grab a carb-y bar, some nuts and maybe some jerky from the store and that might fill the hole but is it going to leave you satisfied?  You know you can do better and the great thing is… it’s really not hard.

Start with some fresh ingredients.  Fresh fruits or vegetables are a great way to jazz up camp meals you’re probably already planning to bring.  Bringing some dried noodles or a boxed meal? Awesome – but kick that meal up a notch with some fresh-cut scallions and chili flakes.  And bring some fresh fruit to satisfy that sweet tooth after dinner.  Fresh fruits are also a great way to help rehydrate after a day on the trail.  Have you ever had chocolate fondue by the campfire?  Check out the SHOP for some easy meal plans and simple recipes.

3. A Good Knife

There are a lot of knives out there and a good knife is important but don’t overthink it.  Find something that feels good in your hand, is sharp, and can be used on a variety of materials from wood to rope, tape and of course, food.  Oh, and get one that’s foldable – safety first, folks. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money but find something that performs well and works for you.

4. Head Lamp

Flash lights are good and certainly, anything that helps you see at night is most important but having light and your hands free is super helpful – especially when you’re stirring that fresh, Yukon Gold Potato and Cheddar soup… or if you’re just really into hand gestures when telling your spooky campfire stories.

5. Socks.

Last but certainly not least – socks.  This is not the time for those thin, no show little socks you like to wear with flats or those nice baby blue argyles you love.  Few things can put a damper on the great outdoors like chaffy or blistery feet. So, get some decent socks – they don’t have to be ski socks but get something thick enough that you won’t get blisters.  And bring more than one pair so that if your feet get wet, you can easily change into a dry pair. I can’t say it enough… Happy feet = happy camper.

So, get out there… Eat Well!  And Share the tasty experience!



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