1 secret Ingredient

This single ingredient will make your next
meal amazing!

You made it!  You planned, you packed, you climbed and now… you’ve finally arrived at your site.

Tent’s up, stove is out and you even cooked up a fresh, great-looking meal.

But when you go to have that first taste, it’s just… … O-K.  “What does it need?”, you wonder. It doesn’t need more salt.  It doesn’t need more spice but what can you add to give it a kick?

It’s actually something super simple and you can pack it with you by adding almost zero weight to your pack.  The magical ingredient…


That’s right, folks – acid.  One little squeeze of lemon or lime or a drop of your preferred vinegar and blammo!  You just gave your meal the bite it needs to match the beautiful outdoors.  So, when you’re packing up for your next elevated camp meal, throw a lemon or lime in your bag.  Or use just a small container with some balsamic or apple cider vinegar. Trust us… it will make your boca very happy.

Looking for more ideas?  Check out the Outdoor Eats shop for trail tested recipes to pack on your next trip.

And remember to get out there!

Eat well.  

And share the tasty experience!



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