trailgate recipes for groups


by Chef Corso

You heard me…TRAILgating!

Who says you have to have a football game or sporting event in order to eat tasty food in a parking lot or trailhead?

Here at Outdoor Eats, we have created some tailgate-worthy recipes you can share with your family and friends at the campsite or by your car on the next trip.

So how do you trailgate?  Well, it depends if you’re on the trail or at the trail head.

We’ll walk you through the two scenarios.

On the Trail:

You’ve just completed your hike.  It’s been a rewarding but long day and you and your tired group are ready to settle down for some rest and hopefully a good meal.   It’s time to set up camp. You plop down your pack and start unpacking. If only there was a tasty snack to go along with this ritual.

Well, good news: You can quickly set up your stove and whip up a treat that will satisfy all the hungry bears in your group.  The great part about Outdoor Eats trailgate recipes is they feed 6-10 people and with how good these taste, chances are, you will have NO LEFTOVERS.

Try these fast, easy options on your next trip:

Honey Sriracha Popcorn

Burst Tomato Goat Cheese Dip

Trailgate Snack Recipes
Trailgate popcorn recipe
Trailgate recipes with bread
Trailgate recipe card - Cheese Dip

At the trail-head:

You’ve hiked multiple days or you’re on a day-hike and you finally made it back to your car.  What a great trip!

But you’re tired, you’re hungry and all you have left in your pack to munch on is a half-eaten granola bar.  You know that if given the chance, you could absolutely CRUSH some nachos or a burger or pizza. Well, I say – give yourself that chance by whipping up a fast and easy trailgate recipe.

When you’re packing for your trip, stash a recipe and some ingredients in your car for the end of your trip.  One of the great things about trail-gating is that weight is less of a concern and you can even bring some perishable items if you store them in a cooler for when you’re ready.

Going on just a day hike and think you don’t need to bring your stove?  Bring it!

When your day is done and your belly is rumbling for some good food, you will be the hero of the trail if you serve up one of these tasty meals.

Guaranteed no leftovers.

Nacho-y Nachos

German Sausage Mustard Cheesy Dip

All Trailgate Recipes

All Trailgate Recipes

get out there.


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