mountain dinner recipes - TL beginning

A Beginning ~ Theseus Lake, WA ~

by Chef Corso

It all starts with one idea or one meal.

And it came out in the bushes in a beautiful spot with great company.

We went for a 24 hr hike…just outside of Seattle. Hike-Camp-Hike-Come Home.

We packed up the essentials, some layers, some vegetables and went outside.

We hiked through snow melt and reached an amazing new vista within a few hours. We popped open some wine and enjoyed where we were, knowing we were just in a city a few hours before. Once our hunger crept in I cooked up the first recipe-Potato and Kale Soup with Lemon. Fast, easy and amazingly delicious.

Then the idea was born….what if we were able to share this with more people?

What if these recipes could help people eat better outside and far from home.

The idea stewed for months….until it was ready

And here we are.

Can’t wait for you to come along.



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